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SINGAPORE - Unlike most people who look forward to payday, human resource director Ms Amy Liow, who is in her 40s, used be a little apprehensive whenever that time rolled around. Days before her colleagues are paid, Ms Liow, who works with maintenance & engineering contractor Kim Technology, had to go through rims of paper as part of payroll processing, manually looking through time sheets to calculate the work hours clocked in by each employee in a different projects and locations. Oftentimes, she had to check and re-check her work and those of her subordinates to ensure its accuracy. These days, she and her team of five simply login to payroll software system iSuperSuite to process all 200 employees' salaries in a day. This technological upgrade is the latest push by Kim Technology to boost productivity through streaming of their HR operations. iSuperSuite (below), which is now used by over 1,000 companies worldwide, is