i-HRMS Pte Ltd

The industry leader when it comes to Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) Singapore has to offer

We offer a comprehensive range of HR/Payroll software suites designed to improve your productivity and effectiveness when it comes to personnel management. Not only do we provide HR/Payroll software solutions, we are also able to offer additional features like our state of the art HR appraisal system. Singapore businesses can now rise to new heights with i-HRMS’s software solutions to all their HR/Payroll issues!


As a leading HR/Payroll software specialist, i-HRMS Pte Ltd provide a full range of HR/Payroll software products namely for desktop, the internet and IT services. This eliminates excess paper use and manual methods from Payroll and HR processes.

Customisation is available in our product range such as idealPay, SuperPay, SuperPersonnel (HR/Payroll Applications) and iSuperSuite. It is leading HR/Payroll software consist of iSuperPay, iSuperLeave, iSuperClaim, iSuperTimeclock and iSuperHR.

We help our clients achieve their business objectives by providing professional advice and services that result intangible, long-term benefits.

More specifically, we work with our clients to:

  • Improve employee motivation and staff retention
  • Reduce staff turnover and absence rates
  • Improve recruitment processes
  • Improve the effectiveness of training and development activities
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve the effectiveness of personnel processes, policies and procedures
  • Reduce associated management costs


Outsourcing processes are becoming a necessity across a broad slew of industries that are facing significant resource constraints. Outsourcing is a management tool that enables an organisation to focus on truly strategic activities as opposed to non-core and core activities. More than ever, organisations are considering the strategic advantages that outsourcing can provide them to derive better runs.

One of the main reasons for the shift is the promise of reduced overhead and extended (or capital ) cost commitments. Outsourcing offers access to that depth and breadth of talent without the hefty staffing burden.

i-HRMS outsourcing services aims to compliment your HR department. As an outsourcing services provider, we are more likely to invest in training and provide the breadth of development required to retain valuable skills. The best practices and knowledge obtained through dealing with many clients make us uniquely positioned to keep your HR processes up and running more reliably with improved customer satisfaction.

Our outsourced solutions include various areas such as payroll, human resource administration, benefits and leave management. Our solutions aim to not merely bring down costs, but at the same time to generate new opportunities and create competitive advantage. We believe that a successful relationship lies in our ability to constantly innovate to help our clients achieve the goals.

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