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Marketing Communications Services

We can work with you to grow your business and achieve your business goals.

We will provide you services that cover all stages of your business marketing cycle. These services include market research, logo design and branding, development and implementation of strategic marketing plans, design and production services for creating your advertising collateral, and evaluation of all elements of your existing marketing strategies.

Our involvement in your business can range from one-off involvement in a particular strategy (such as developing a website or brochure) to managing your overall business marketing (such as developing a perpetual email marketing program in concert with the development of a new website and more).

In addition, we specializes in marketing, and therefore has the time and expertise to focus on developing and implementing strategies specific to your business, and that will achieve you results.

One of the ways we can do so, really, is to help you think outside the box. It is because we have worked across a range of different industries and territories and so can bring diverse perspectives and experience to the table.

To put it simply, it does not mean you are not good enough by seeking external advice and expertise; it is to ensure that your marketing decisions are not made in isolation and that your strategies are effective and realistic.

Translation services

We do both professional and general translation with a good turn-around time, although our forte is in the English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation with specializations in the following fields:

Healthcare and Medical

  • Press Releases and News Articles
  • Magazines and Periodicals
  • Medical Marketing Information
  • Personal Medical Documents

Travel and Leisure

  • Magazines and Newsletters
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Signages and Posters

Business and Professional

  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Business Proposals and Presentations
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Annual Reports

We only accept raw text formats such as doc, rft, stw, txt, ott, pdf, xml, mcw, gif, jpeg and other major file types, any other formats will be subjected to conversion charges.

Content Localization (Website, Apps etc)

  • Website and Apps contents translation
  • Text in Flash video files and images
  • Database entries

System Localization (Software)

It means making an application linguistically and culturally appropriate to the local audience. Our services include:

  • Windows-based source codes (C, C+)
  • iOS and Android (Objective C and Java)
  • System Interfaces (eg: Menu, Dialogue box, buttons)
  • Help Screen and files

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